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A committed hotel

Respect for the environment is important for the "Smart Bnb" team. Through the following initiatives and choices, our goal is to daily reduce our ecological footprint as well as that of our customers as much as possible.


  • Double glazing windows for acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Remote temperature regulation

  • Windows with adjustable air vents

  • High efficiency boiler with “Eco” label


  • Luminaires with “LED” technologies

  • Certain lights activated with motion detection

  • Choice of renewable energy suppliers for electricity and city gas

  • High efficiency boiler with “Eco” label


  • Washbasin taps fitted with motion detectors

  • Choice of ecological cleaning products

  • Rainwater recovery


  • Reduction of waste of individual soaps

  • Limitation of change of towels and sheets, unless desired

  • If desired, no cleaning done in your room during your stay

The Smart bnb concept

The "Smart Bnb" team is changing the codes of the classic hotel business! We offer an innovative and alternative experience to satisfy your needs in a friendly, connected, eco-responsible and design place!

The Battice Smart Bnb Hotel showcases multiple artworks by artists, mainly local artists. With an elegant and minimalist design, each room is decorated with one or more works of art to promote some talented artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, our FAQ will give you a simple and clear answer. Consult it without delay.

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The Smart Bnb concept was imagined and created with the desire to be a replicable model.

We are looking for opportunities to develop other hotels using the same concept.

The concept's founder, Loris Petta, wants to find partners with whom to collaborate to use innovative management tools to simplify and make the management of a "small" hotel profitable.

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